PLR Ebooks To Make Money Online

PLR Ebooks To Make Money Online >>> 

So what are PLR Ebooks? Some of you will know by now if you have been online for a good length of time, and some of you will be thinking, yes tell me what it is?

PLR Ebooks To Make Money Online
         PLR Ebooks To Make Money Online

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and this is a license type that can be given to such products as ebooks or other digital products, such as Articles. With a Private Label Rights license, it means you can re-brand the ebook as your own product, and that includes changing the name of the ebook and re-publishing it in such programs as OpenOffice. The really great thing about it, is that you can add all the links you want into the ebook, and that includes Affiliate links, so you can benefit from future Affiliate sales.

Obviously, the Affiliate links will need to match the subject of the ebook, you can’t just throw any Affiliate links in, or they will just look spammy and put the reader off continuing with your new ebook. So, if you have an ebook on let’s say Generating Online Visitors, you could then head on over to Clickbank and see if they have any products to promote that are web traffic-related. Then insert them into your new ebook at the very end so it’s the last thing they see and can focus on to make sure you get a click-through.

I would recommend you to use a link cloaking tool such as Redirection Rocket for your Affiliate links, instead of just inserting raw Affiliate links into your ebook. This is because if the product your promoting ever ceases to exist, you can then easily insert another Affiliate product link into the tool. Otherwise, you will have god knows how many ebooks out there with dead Affiliate links in them, thus miss out on some serious potential commissions.

So, you may be thinking, well the new Affiliate product will have a different name, so how can I use the same cloaked link for it? Well, as long as the new product relates to the old product, there’s no problem, the visitor will click through and land on what they’re looking for. As regards using Clickbank Affiliate links in your new ebook, even when using a link cloaking tool, you will need to check whether it’s still ok to do so, as Clickbanks terms and conditions change frequently, and you don’t want to risk losing your Clickbank account.

Also, when promoting any Affiliate links through digital products, you need to make sure that your readers are aware that you will make some money if they go on to purchase the product. So you’ll need to add that disclaimer notice to the beginning or the end of the ebook, saying something like… By purchasing any products through the links in my ebook, I will receive a commission for it. You must also state that only trusted websites are used in the Affiliate links and that you are not responsible for any third-party websites, products, or services that are reached through the Affiliate links.


Ready Made Blogs To Make Money Online

Ready Made Blogs To Make Money Online >>> 

If you’re new to the internet or you’ve just not considered setting up a WordPress blog yet, then I would strongly advise you to think about it, as when done right, you can seriously earn money online. How much are we talking about I hear you say?

Ready Made Blogs To Make Money Online
    Ready Made Blogs To Make Money Online

Quite simply, Thousands of dollars per month from Affiliate Programs such as Google Adsense, Amazon, and Clickbank. If you look through the net you will see countless websites running on WordPress, and that’s because most people know that search engines such as Google love them. Most people also know how easy they are to run, and that you can get countless WordPress plugins to give your blog the functions you require.

You can also choose what you want your blog to look like, by searching the WordPress database for themes. You may be thinking, yes it all sounds very good, but I have absolutely no clue how to set up a WordPress blog?

No problem, with the blogs I sell, they all come with instructions to have you up and running in no time at all. They also come with pre-loaded content to get you started online, plus certain plugins to give your blog certain functions. If when you get to the point where you require more content for your blog, and your not a great writer, then you can purchase PLR Articles and edit them, or head over to such sites as Fiverr or Freelancer and pay someone a small fee to create content for you. Believe me, in the long run, you’ll benefit from it and make your money back ten-fold!

I will share a little secret with you as well, the best place to advertise your blog is on Pinterest. Why is that I hear you say? Because Pinterest gets millions of visitors per day and by creating pins on there, you will soon get saves and followers, that will ultimately get you traffic to your blog. Some people get thousands of hits to their blog each day from Pinterest, and if you need a little help on there, you can purchase my Pinterest ebook, or search pins on Pinterest using the keyword “Make Money Online”. Get started today with your blog and quickly become a success online, you too could earn Thousands per month!

Get low-cost hosting for your ready-made blog today!

Turnkey Websites To Make Money Online

Turnkey Websites To Make Money Online >>> 

If you’re new to the internet, then you probably have no idea what Turnkey Websites are? Well, quite simply they are ready-made websites that just need the minimum amount of configuration for them to be ready to go live.

Turnkey Websites To Make Money Online
Turnkey Websites To Make Money Online

You can either opt for a website that runs with affiliate programs such as Google AdSense, Clickbank, and Amazon. Or go for one that actually sells its own products. What kind of products do I hear you say? Digital products, where all the hard work is taken care of and there’s absolutely no physical shipping involved.

A customer will place their order through such payment processors as PayPal and then receive an immediate download after, just like you would in this store. Ok, so how do I get started I hear you ask? I currently have several Turnkey Websites for sale, with a lot more coming very soon, so you will be able to take your pick.

I can also direct you to a very good Web Host which I use, they are No 1 when it comes to customer support. As for getting traffic to your new Turnkey Website, I have many traffic generation ebooks, videos, and articles for sale that will guide you to bringing in a mega amount of traffic in no time at all.

New products are added every day and I still have hundreds to list yet as my store is quite new and is just getting on its feet. So make sure to check back often as the Turnkey Websites that I’m offering will help you to make money online fast!

Of course, I also offer full support with your purchase, plus I am able to do installations from time to time for a small fee.

I am now also offering a ready-made Turnkey Business package, this package has everything you need to make money online very easily!